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Sun Aug 7 10:18:16 EDT 2016

 GeorgeSoros Sells America Short
GeorgeSoros, the convicted insider trader who “brokethe Bank of England,” has stepped back intotrading personally in recent months.
TheJournal reports that Soros is betting against America,adopting “bearish derivative positions thatserve as wagers against U.S. stocks.” 
OnMay 16, Soros’ fund disclosed that it had doubledits bet against American stocks.
Thereports come in the wake of an exposé of Soros-fundedefforts to keep refugees flowing intothe U.S., as well as disclosures last year thatSoros has poured approximately $33 million intoorganizations that pitched in on the #BlackLivesMattermovement in the wake of theFerguson riots, and as violence arguably drivenby Soros-funded front groups escalates asthe Trump campaign gains steam. 
Mr.Soros is also helping underwrite “jailbreak” effortsto release as many convicted felons from prisonas possible in America, at the same time he pushesto open U.S. borders even wider to criminalillegal aliens and a poorly screened potentialsecurity threats.

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