[Swiftwater Gazette] States don’t have standing to sue Obama for illegally colonizing their cities with Syrian refugees

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Statesdon’t have standing to sue Obama for illegally colonizing their 
cities with Syrian refugees, but illegal immigrants andcriminal aliens have 
standing to sue for public benefits. That is thestate of play in the modern judicial 
system and the contemporarylegal profession. 
Thisis even more powerful than placing a national moratorium onresettlement; 
it allows the people and states to decide the future oftheir communities.
Oneof the most basic principles of the social compact theory, rooted inthe Declaration 
of Independence, is that only the existing members ofa civil society, through their 
duly elected representatives, candetermine who may enter and become part of that 
society or under whatconditions that individual may become a member. 
AsJames Madison wrote in 1835, “[I]n the case of naturalization a newmember 
is added to the Social compact …by a majority of thegoverning body deriving its 
powers from a majority of the individualparties to the social compact.” This is why 
our Constitution vestedCongress with plenary power over immigration policy and 
why thecourts, before they became autocratic in recent years, conceded thatthey 
have no jurisdiction to second-guess the legislature on anyimmigration decision. 
InStolen Sovereignty, I warn that the unelected executive agencies andthe 
courts are engaging in social transformation withoutrepresentation by violating 
immigration statutes in order to achievetheir de-civilization goals. 
AsConservative Review has observed throughout the past year, Obama is 
breaking statutes and abusing his power to use parole, refugee,asylum, and 
emporary protected status – and of course –executive amnesty – to bring in 
more immigrants against the consentof the people. 
Likewise,the courts are illegally overturning congressional immigrationstatutes and granting standing to illegal aliens and criminalimmigrants to block deportations and even petition for affirmativerights, such as birth certificates, 
driver’s licenses, and gunrights. 
Yet,at the same time, American citizens, states, law enforcement, andeven 
ICE agents have been denied standing to sue in court when Obamais violating immigration statutes and the sovereignty of the statesand the people. Thus, 
while the courts illegally venture out of theirjurisdiction to overturn congressional 
sovereignty statutes – themost inviolate area of settled law[1] – they refuse to actuallygrant standing to cases within their core purview, which includesstriking down illegal executive actions that run contrary to existinglaw. Remember that 

Civics 101 class about courts applying thelaw instead of nullifying it?
Aswe’ve noted before, while the federal government controls therefugee process, 
they must engage in advance consultation with thestates at every stage of the 
resettlement process. Yet, Obama’sOffice of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), in 
conjunction withtaxpayer-funded private organizations, are engaging in the 
ultimatesocial transformation without representation – jeopardizing thesecurity, 
culture, and public services of localities – without eveninforming them of the 
resettlement after the fact. 
Unfortunately,federal judges already blocked Texas from suing the Obama 
administration. Last Friday, U.S. Magistrate Judge John E. Ott deniedthe state 
of Alabama standing to sue the Administration for notengaging in advance 
consultation. In a 28-page memo, Ott wrote: 
Nothingin the Refugee Act requires defendants to provide plaintiffs with 
information necessary to assess security and other potential risksposed by 
refugees, or information necessary to adequately plan andprepare for the 
arrival of refugees in the state, in regard tosecurity and requests for social 
services and public assistance.
AsI noted last year, statute absolutely requires ORR to take intoaccount 
security and economic considerations and engage in advancedconsultation 
with the states.
Thisis yet one more reason why the courts will always be a dead-end for 
conservatives and why simply “appointing better judges” will nothelp. 
Even good judges feel compelled to abide by existing precedentgoverning 
rules of standing, which is so one-sided against Americansthat illegal aliens 
have more standing to fight immigration actionsthan taxpayers and states.
It’stime for Congress to step up to the plate. If Trump and Republicansactually 
wanted to turn around this pending electoral disaster anddefeat Hillary Clinton, 
the nominee would immediately call for GOPleaders to reconvene for the 
summer and pass legislation empoweringstates to reject refugee resettlement. 
Thisis even more powerful than placing a national moratorium onresettlement; 
it allows the people and states to decide the future oftheir communities.
Theseare the decisions the individual nation-states of the European Union 
never got to make before their societies were transformed intomicrocosms 
of the Middle East and now incur daily terror attacks –to the point that they 
are no longer newsworthy. 

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