[Swiftwater Gazette] Kiev forces fire ballistic missiles into E. Ukraine

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Fri Apr 22 15:13:56 EDT 2016

Kievforces fire ballistic missiles into E. Ukrainehttps://www.rt.com/news/176484-cnn-ballistic-missiles-ukraine/
Inthe past two days Kiev’s forces have launched several short-rangeballistic missiles into areas in east Ukraine controlled byself-defense forces, CNN reports, citing US government sources. 
Themove “marks a major escalation” in the Ukrainian crisis, CNNsaid. 
“ThreeUS officials confirmed to me a short time ago that US intelligenceover the last 48 hours has monitored the firing of severalshort-range ballistic missiles from territory controlled by Ukrainegovernment forces into areas controlled by the pro-Russianseparatists,” Barbara Starr, CNN’s Pentagon correspondent, saidin a live report. 
Short-rangeballistic missiles can carry warheads of up to 1,000 pounds (450 kg)and are capable of killing dozens of people at a time, Starr said. 
AMoscow correspondent for another American television network, ABC,tweeted Tuesday that the Kiev forces fired three ballistic missilesat self-defense forces near the town of Snezhnoe (Snizhne inUkrainian) in the Donetsk Region. -------  //  ----------




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