[Swiftwater Gazette] labor unions have a property right to employees’ wages

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 laborunions have a property right to employees’ wages
 DaneCounty judge strikes down Wisconsin’s right-to-work law. By M.D.Kittle http://watchdog.org/261822/right-to-work-judge-law/?roi=echo3-33921877992-34686424-e9a04281c7480c6793fb7f7ee4ca5c50Excerptby Robert Hall [The Old Jarhead: More important political news and opinion]: DaneCounty Circuit Court Judge William Foust on Friday struck downWisconsin’s year-old right-to-work law, asserting that labor unionshave a property right to employees’ wages. That argument has beenrejected by multiple courts and right-to-work proponents say theywill appeal the judge’s decision. “We are extremely disappointedthat the Dane County Circuit Court struck down Wisconsin’sright-to-work law, but we are confident the law will be upheld onappeal,” state Attorney General Brad Schimel said. (Keep your ownmoney? That's un-American! ~Bob)

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