[Swiftwater Gazette] Silencing - How the Left is Killing Free Speech

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  TheSilencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech. By Kirsten Powers
Abstractby Robert Hallhttp://tartanmarine.blogspot.com/2016/04/more-important-political-news-and.html
Everysystem that seeks to establish authoritarian control over the peoplefirst seeks to silence dissenting views. Anyone who deviates at allfor the leftist orthodoxy, especially liberals, person is guiltyuntil proven innocent beyond a reasonable doubt. And maybe stillthen. 
Itis a legal standard recognizable in every totalitarian system, fromthe National Socialists to the Russian and Chinese Communists, fromthe Ancient Regime to Cuba's rounding up hundreds of thought-crimedissidents so Obama's visit wouldn't be marred by facts. So it istoday. 
Thisbook will infuriate people who believe in free speech, including trueliberals. It will enrage the illiberal left, as Powers terms them,who believe that their agenda is so obviously correct and that anyonewho deviates from it on even one point must be shamed with namecalling (the first technique of propaganda), intimidated, silenced,demeaned, and punished through losing their livelihood if at allpossible. Academics with impeccable progressive credentials areforced to grovel and apologize at the feet of the thought-police. Shecites the case of Mozella firing Brendan Eich as CEO in 2014 becausehe contributed $1,000 to California's campaigning opposing gaymarriage in 2008 (a position that both Barack Obama and HillaryClinton held at the time). Power's supported gay marriage, as did I,but we both opposed silencing dissent.
Powers,who is a Fox News correspondent, cites the attempt on the left todelegitimize Fox as a news organization. A Pew Research review of thecoverage in from September 6 to October 16, 2008, found that Fox'son Obama were 40% negative, and on McCain were 40% negative. Comparethat to CNN where it was 39% negative for Obama vs. 69% negative forMcCain, or MSNBC where 14% on Obama were negative compared to 73% onMcCain. For being balanced, the White House tried to shut Fox out ofcoverage on several occasions. She points out that in his first term,Obama, of "The most transparent administration in history"held 79 press conferences, compared to 89 for George Bush, 133 forClinton, and 143 for George H. W. Bush. (P-132)
Powerssays that, "...illiberal feminism is often driven by a basehatred of Christianity. 
Isuggest reading the book in small doses to keep your blood pressureunder control.[Bob]

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