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Sat Apr 2 06:35:31 EDT 2016

   BOSTON (WHDH) - Police have arrested a man caught taking photos inside the Callahan Tunnel. http://www.whdh.com/story/31604045/man-arrested-after-taking-pictures-inside-callahan-tunnel
Man arrested after taking pictures inside Callahan TunnelThe Old Jarhead: A LOT of important political news and opinion today

Boston , Massachusetts ---Last Sunday a man, ostensibly in USA for medical training, is arrested walking through a tunnel taking photographs. Oddly his name is Mohammed and he is from Bangladesh . Today in Tyngsborough , MA , person (s) unknown somehow attached thermite grenades (burn through solid steel) to high tension electrical grid wires and ignited them electronically. (plot failed and just ignited a brush fire) There was an attempt to fail the electric grid. Anyone gets the feeling that something real bad is coming real soon? --Tom C.


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