[Swiftwater Gazette] A Look at Russian Civilization - Power, Truth, Trust, and War

Ed kroposki kroposki at att.net
Fri Apr 1 06:19:42 EDT 2016

ALook at Russian Civilization: Power, Truth, Trust, and War byRoman Skaskiwhttp://smallwarsjournal.com/jrnl/art/a-look-at-russian-civilization-power-truth-trust-and-war
“...differences are moreimportant than the similarities for understanding modern Russia,because they tend to be underestimated. The differences are alsocenturies old, pre-dating the Soviet era which is sometimes falselydescribed as an aberration from Russia's otherwise completelyEuropean trajectory.
InOrigin of Political Order (2011), Stanford political economistFrancis Fukuyama describes two and a half generations ofMongolian/Golden Horde absolutism as setting the stage for Russia'sfurther political development in specific contrast to what took placefurther west where overlapping social and religious institutionmoderated state power. Unlike Rome, the Russian Orthodox Church wasalways 'caesaropapis'."



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