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Thursday,December 24, 2015Trump’sAppeal Can be Reduced to Four Words: “We Have a Country” http://www.vdare.com/letters/a-florida-reader-can-define-trumps-appeal-in-four-words-we-have-a-country “Ithink the main reason people either love or hate Trump can be summed up in fourwords, four words he spoke when asked in the Las Vegas debate why he thought hecould really build a wall on the border. “Thefour words are, ‘We have a country.’ -------------  // -----------------Somehate Trump saying that because we are not supposed to have a country. Thecountry is for immigrants, not us. We are evil and weak people who deserve tobe dispossessed.” Thosewho love Trump do so because he stands up for those of us who know we used tohave a country and leaders who were proud to be with us. Wehave a country. It is as simple as that. It can’t be simpler, or moreimportant. What idea can be more frightening to our globalist open borderopponents?      



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