[Swiftwater Gazette] His Eurasianism is a satanic cult

Ed kroposki kroposki at att.net
Wed Dec 23 06:37:14 EST 2015

AlexanderDugin — the schizophrenic death throes ofa failed civilization - His Eurasianism is a satanic cult.

Commentson article fromhttp://romaninukraine.com/alexander-dugin-the-schizophrenic-death-throes-of-a-failed-civilization/
“Thesalvation of any people remains rule of law, propertyrights, truth telling, and the willingness toenforce it. Unfortunately, Russia needs to change ona very fundamental level before these things are perceivedas pluses. Myths need to die and power structureswith them. The Soviet Union needs to finishcollapsing. People do not want what Muskovy isselling.
“No,Dugin, NATO isn’t aggressively expanding. Allthe people on Russia’s periphery, having known thehell on Earth that Moscow creates, are inviting it, desperateto escape the miasma of Russian “civilization.”


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