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Dinosaurextinction by Konstantinos Dimopouloshttp://theconversation.com/did-dark-matter-or-a-star-called-nemesis-kill-the-dinosaurs-51846
Thedinosaur extinction 66m years ago was most likely caused by a cometor big asteroid hitting the Earth. But given that asteroids don'tactually hit our planet very often, could this really be the wholestory? Many scientists are now asking whether some sort ofcosmological event could have boosted the number of comets at thetime, making such a collision more likely.
LisaRandall suggests that a huge disk of "dark matter" - a typeof invisible matter that is five times more common than "normal"matter - could have been responsible. When sweeping past our solarsystem such a disk would cause a tiny perturbation in space,amounting to a flicker in the gravitational force that can knockcomets out of the solar system's Kuiper belt or the Oort cloud justoutside and send them towards the Earth.


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