[Swiftwater Gazette] Intelligence Lessons of San Bernardino

Ed kroposki kroposki at att.net
Fri Dec 18 20:27:13 EST 2015

 Resend of post that may not have posted...  TheIntelligence Lessons of San Bernardino. 'Home grown terror' is newnightmare for American authorities who had previously thwarted itwith perfection. By John R. Schindler 
Excerptby Robert Hall: Just as bad, several top secret NSA programs, beyondmetadata, that assisted counterterrorism have been downscaled since2013 out of fears they may “look bad” if leaked. Before Snowdenwe had a definite bias for action,” explained a senior NSA officialwith extensive experience in counterterrorism. “But now we allwonder how the White House will react if this winds up in thenewspapers.” “It’s all legal,” the official added, “thelawyers have approved, and boy do we have lots of lawyers -- but willObama throw us under the bus again?

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