[Swiftwater Gazette] Moscow’s primary goal in Syria

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  Moscow’sprimary goal in Syria Moscow’sprimary goal in Syria is not to support itsally Bashar Assad against all challenges but ratherto destabilize the situation in the Middle East,undercutting the influence of the West and boostingits own; and to that end, it will be quite preparedto sacrifice the Syrian dictator, according toBelarusian security analysts http://euromaidanpress.com/2015/12/14/moscows-goal-in-syria-is-to-undermine-west-belarusian-experts-say/
http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/norman-lear-vows-fight-donald-848328Norman Lear Vows to Fight Donald Trump's Anti-MuslimRhetoric. Long one of the entertainment industry’s leading liberalactivists, Lear recalled that he started People for the American Waybecause he was troubled in 1980 “by what an ever increasing group ofevangelicals were spouting on television.”"I see Donald Trump only as the middle finger of theAmerican right hand.”Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a leading economic populist whoenjoys a strong following in liberal Hollywood.“The racist, sexist hatredthat Donald Trump spews is ugly,” Warren said, “but make no mistake,this is quickly becoming the Republican Party brand. When he calledMexican immigrants rapists and murderers and when he called women pigs, theother presidential candidates didn’t call him out.”
 RogerScruton ‏@Scruton_Quotes  · "We'vegot to stand up not only for free speech, but alsofor all that we've inherited from the Enlightenment andfrom Christianity"


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