[Swiftwater Gazette] Confused About Russia's Intentions in Syria?

Ed kroposki kroposki at att.net
Mon Dec 7 07:07:34 EST 2015

ConfusedAbout Russia's Intentions in Syria? comments from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ben-judah/russia-syria-putin_b_8264908.htmlandhttp://romaninukraine.com/good-analysis-of-russian-disinformation/
"First in Ukraine and now in Syria, Russia's disinformation warfare is outplaying the West. U.S. and EU diplomats are confused about Russia's intentions right now in Syria and that is exactly what Russia wants them to be."
"Disinformation, designed to confuse and paralyze the judgment of Western officials, goes on. Russia at first denied its spies; commandos and armored brigades had carved out a pseudo-state in eastern Ukraine. This was a "people's uprising" and these were "volunteers," it insisted."
"Russia's military kit has been moving into Syria and the Mediterranean for months, picked up by American, Israeli and British intelligence. However, as in Ukraine, U.S. and EU diplomats didn't consider a major Russian-Iranian offensive as imminent because the Kremlin denied it. Once again, they ignored the risk that Russian diplomats and Kremlin messengers were deliberately misleading them."


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